Passcode for my Iphone, obligatory

Hi all, I use an iphone, and disliking passcodes I never set one up. I opened Revolut app this morning on my iphone and Revolut would not let me sign on unless I put a passcode on my phone. I did that and then Revolut allowed me to sign on as always. Except my 4 digit sign in code did not work anymore. So I had to go through the process of “forgot password” and go through a slew of questions and codes to identify myself and then was able to set a new 4 digit password to sign on. But I am not happy with the obligatory passocode on my phone, a six digit number I have to use every time I wake it from sleep. If I remove the passcode, I cannot sign in to the app. Anyone else have this?

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What kind of question is this? It’s a mandatory security requirement and everybody has this.


I am not talking about the 4 digit logon code, but the iphone 6 digit code. Are we on the same page here?

I am not responding to your question here, but here’s something you might not be aware of: you can change the code on iPhones from 6 to 4 digits if you want to. Go to settings, change code, and then tap on code options when asked for a new code.

Not sure. I don’t have to use a code to access Revolut (basically I do but my phone takes care of that).

@Regalia. Wish I knew what your post meant

Neither do I understand your post or issue.

@Regalia So why comment and offer advice on a post you do not understand? let me restate my issue:

I use an Iphone. Like the Microsoft Windows operating system, you have an option to set a password (Iphone calls it a passcode) in order to arrive at what is called the “desktop”. To be able to use your phone or computer. This is optional on both. Over the years I have preferred NOT to set a passcode on my IPhone, therefore on turning it on I boot directly to the Iphone desktop with its icons.

Naturally, the Revolut app asks for a 4 digit logon code. Always. No problem.

What happened to me yesterday is that on attempting to open the Revolut app, it gave me a message that my phone was not secure without a passcode and it denied me entry to the app. I went and set up an IPhone passcode and then the Revolt app worked. I experimented with removing the IPhone passcode and once again, the Revolut app complained of an unsafe connection. I went back to putting the passcode on the phone and the Revolut app worked once again.

So my question is: Since I have been using the Revolut app for years without any passcode on my phone, is this some new development, has it happened to other folks? thx

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The device PIN code is mandatory, like @Regalia said. For everyone.

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By device, do you mean phone? I have been using Revolut for years without a “device PIN code”. Has there been a recent change?

I can’t tell you how recent this change was, but like you know from your own experience, it’s now mandatory. And honestly, it’s a good idea. Because without it, taking over accounts is somewhat easy. It’s important to keep text messages and email save.

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So I guess they look at the 4 digit login for their app as eminently hackable, being that there are only 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged into to form a four-digit code.

I clearly understood your initial post. I don’t need my 4 digit Revolut PIN because I can use Face ID to log into it automatically - that’s the part you didn’t understand.

I would prefer it if we where able to make the Revolut PIN more secure (like more digits or alpha-numeric).

It’s more than that. Your other options to be granted access to the app like SMS or email are usually not protected.
So if you don’t use any lock mechanism for your phone it’s like an unlocked house where you have a small safe with a combination lock but also the combination written on a paper lying on your kitchen table.

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No, that’s not the point. If I can get ahold of your unlocked phone, I can most likely get enough details about you to take over your account.

I have unrestricted access to additional security codes sent to your phone number associated with your account to take it over, steal your money and lock you out of your own account.

It’s basically like a SIM swap attack, and breaking in into your email account.

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I went through a similar experience last week. I opened Revolut app from one day to another and it would not let me sign on unless I put a passcode on my phone (which is fine, I understand is for security reasons). However, since I did that, my passcode is not working anymore. The only way I can get into the app is via “forgot code?” which prompts me to enter a new passcode. The thing is that it doesn’t get updated (even if it looks like it’s successfully updated because I can enter the app for that session only), so any operation that request passcode (eg send money) don’t work and next time i try to login the passcode don’t work and I need to go through “forgot code?” again which only gives me access to the app that single session but can’t really do anything.

Can anyone help? I’m unable to reach support via app (“you are offline”) and to me it looks like the login/authentication has some corner case bug.

Thank you in advance

ps.- sorry if this is not the appropriate forum but I can’t create a new issue. Still, I hope someone from Revolut can follow-up on my case and provide assitance

If you cannot create a “new topic” on this forum, contact Revolut on Twitter, you will receive an answer. Ok, so you don’t use Twitter, create a new account. Could be your only access to speak to Revolut staff. They helped me with an issue once.

Please I am trying to get it resolved for 2 days now.
iPhone X, IOS 13.3.1, Revolut App version 6.3
??? every single time I have to select “Forgot?” in order for the RevolutApp to let me in.
Single Session also as @rulldemolins describes…

Yes have the same issue on my wife’s phone
Unable to use revolut without setting the pin on iphone

But what’s strange, on my personal android phone no such bullshit at all
I can use revolut as before without any “additional” pin’s

So seems it’s only related with iOS