Partner benefits now included with your plan

On a Premium or Metal plan? Check your app to find a curated selection of brand new partner benefits you’ll love, all included in your plan!

Partner benefits include @financialtimes, @nordvpn, @classpass, @deliveroo, @headspace, @freeletics, @picsart.

All subscriptions are worth up to £545 on Premium and up to £1,610 on Metal in annual retail value.

New to Premium and Metal plans in UK and certain EEA countries. Paid Plan and Partnership T&Cs apply. Benefits vary depending on plan and location.

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Veda | Community Team


I took the plunge and got Premium.

Tinder is… interesting :joy: swiped left so much I lapsed my age range and selected distance within the same evening :melting_face:

Nord is very handy when out and about using free WiFi hotspots.

Absolutely love sleep cycle and the data it provides, even if I get very little sleep.

I’d love phone insurance and possibly a tv/movie subscription service attached; especially on Metal :raised_hands:t3: would make me upgrade in an instant!

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@Carl_1460 Haha, sounds like your Premium experience has been a rollercoaster of swipes, security, and sleep (or lack thereof)! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

PS - Who knows, maybe someday Tinder will match you with your soulmate…or at least someone who lives within a reasonable distance. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Veda | Community team

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A man can dream haha!

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Not available in Germany


Germans can enjoy cheaper plan prices instead.