partition money in account

I think it would be good to be able to section of amounts of money that you do not want to use much like putting it aside in a savings account, sort of block the use of the money or soemthing.

Maybe creating something called pockets where you could have multiple of them and keep money in each with different names, for example: rent pocket, holday money pocket, savings pocket. The pockets can have any name a person wants and you have just your normal main account and people can move money from that into the different pockets or what ever would be better to call it.


Good idea. Your idea sounds similar to what’s called envelope budgeting. You assign some money to each bucket, and if you run out you can transfer from another bucket. So one could have a vacation envelope for example and so be able to easily track how much money has been saved for vacations or a certain vacation.

Agree, good idea.

This does only partially answer the request, but you can deactivate a currency even if you have funds on it, if you don’t want to be deducted money from your balance in your currency. It is like a pocket for the full amount you have in a currency.

Both are good ideas.
The idea with pockets was requested before and is still under discussion.

I realy like the idea to block a curency account so R uses a certain currency which is not blocked.

I heard Revolut will be bringing out something soon called ‘Revolut Pockets’ any news on this?

Would like to simplify and move to Revolut and close Monzo but this feature is only currently available on Monzo.

A similar feature called Vaults is already available since 2018. (Pockets is supposed to be more suitable for envelope budgeting. Vaults for saving and stashing money away. There’s also a group vault for saving together.)