Paris Metro/RER ticket machines

Has anyone used their revolut card to buy metro/rer tickets using the ticket machines in Paris ?

Yes. About a year ago.

Great. Any extra charges? It automatically take the euros charge from the account ?

No charges. You might want to read the FAQs about how things work in detail :wink:

I expect it to work like a normal debit card but often people report hidden charges so just wanted to confirm .
Thanks for confirming Frank :blush:

I really suggest to read the FAQs. You will find plenty informations about how to avoid 3rd party fees (dynamic currency conversion) and how Revolut is different to a regular debit card :wink:

Update: This was my first experience with revolut, so thought I will share it for the benefit of other first timers. The card worked well at all the ticket vending machines at the stations and at various restaurants in Disneyland paris and in the Paris city. At one point, I ran out of euros and it automatically converted the gbps in euro at the current rate.
Thanks Frank for the replies.