Panicking re card delivery

I ordered my card express delivery to be delivered tomorrow 11th April. I have yet to receive a tracking number and I travel on the 12th.

I’m so worried - I paid £12 for this service & I am noticing how many other people this has happened to.

I have spoken to an ‘agent’ who was next to useless.

Hey @sara4 :slight_smile:

You should have got an email/SMS from a courier company (DHL? Royal Mail?) stating your tracking number. If you don’t have it, you can get in touch with :r:'s support team through the app to get it :sunny:
EDIT: I see you edited your post. Why was the agent useless?

If you don’t get your shipment by the delivery date there are still some things you could do :wink:

What are these other things I can do?

The agent basically said they couldn’t find a tracking number - I knew that already - that’s why I was getting in touch.

Hey @sara4 :slight_smile:

Well, obviously, if :r: failed to provide a service you paid for, you could negotiate a shipment to wherever you’re traveling (if the one you’re currently waiting for has failed) or just demand a refund :wink:

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When exactly did you order it?

Yesterday around 9am

To the UK, I presume? Considering that you ordered it in the early hours I’d usually expect it to arrive on the 11th.

Maybe @AndreasK can find something in the system.

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Yes - that would be great if he could - I’m very worried tbh

Hi Sara. The card has been printed. Please note, express delivery takes up to 2 working days. You will receive the tracking number 24 hours after you have placed your order.

Hmm, well :slight_smile:

No offence Andreas, but there is little news in that statement. She ordered it Monday morning, so it should arrive around now and she should have received the tracking number yesterday morning (which she apparently didnt, as she wouldnt have enquired about it last night otherwise).

So the main question is :slight_smile: is she going to receive the card today?

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Sure. Our support team can proceed with a refund in this case.

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Sure, she will receive it or sure, she can ask for a refund? Not asking you to reveal the information publicly but maybe you could drop her a message either here or on the chat containing the tracking number and maybe even the current state of delivery - and whether it will be on-time :slight_smile: .

Just an idea :blush: