Pakistan - using the Revolut Mastercard

My home currency is GBP and I will be travelling to Dubai and Pakistan. I note from FAQs that PKR is not a base currency so all payments made with the Revolut card will be converted at the prevailing GBP/PKR rate. If there is insufficient money in the GBP account, will the next highest account be deducted at the prevailing rate (in my case AED)?

Secondly, is the Revolut card accepted at all merchants in Pakistan who accept Mastercard? I see from other community questions that the Revolut card doesn’t work in ATM machines in Pakistan, so I’m concerned that I won’t have access to cash. Does it now work with ATMs?

And finally is it now possible to transfer money from my Revolut account to a Pakistani bank account? I see from questions a few months ago that this feature was not yet available.


OK, I know what I did there. I asked too many questions! :grinning:

Just one this time: does Revolut (physical) card get accepted everywhere in Pakistan that accepts Mastercard?

Did you card work at ATM machines in pakistan then?

No luck at local banks, even where the Mastercard symbol is displayed. It worked at Standard Chartered, on which basis I assume it works at most international banks. Only problem is StanChart limits the withdrawal to PKR20,000 and charges a flat PKR500 on each withdrawal, so effectively 2.5%.

Also I should add, it worked at all merchants. Very happy with that!

Okay, what was revolut fee charged?

What do you mean by Merchants?

Zero fee charged by Revolut. The ATM fee for StanChart is PKR500.

Merchants = people who sell stuff! ie any shop/filling station/restaurant etc that accepts Mastercard.

Oh alright. Thanks alot. Get it now. Doesn’t work on any other bank?

How was the exchange rate offered here?

Exactly as Revolut says, it’s at the interbank rate.

any way to make a revolut in Pakistan, and how do you fund it in Pakistan.

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You top up with your bank card. Not sure you can top up in your currency though

Can anyone tell me if i can make payments to my Pakistani suppliers with Revolut? i have some issues with that