Pakistan on the country list for id verification

Just noted you do not have Pakistan on your country id verification list

Could you please update your country list

Understand Revolut is open to residents of EEA but customer may still have Pakistan id, thanks

:R: is currently not available in Pakistan, however.

Hey @zulfiqarh :slight_smile:

Don’t you have any kind of national document? I mean, here in Spain we have NIE (id number for foreigners) which is accepted as an identity proof with :r: :slight_smile:


Try using your ID Card for your current residence inside the EEA.


Can a foreigner with a non-EU passport AND a EU permit (“permesso di soggiorno” in Italian apply for revolut?

Yes, their restriction is based on the country of residence

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@Juliopp What if I opened my account in Europe but now I have moved to Pakistan. Can I use my Pakistani Identification since I no longer have a Swedish residence permit or close my account?

You have to close your account or :r: will close it when they find out.