Paiment from stripe never received


I didn’t find any answer about such a problem so here is my new thread.
I m using Stripe on my ecommerce shop and it used to work well from the beginning. It usualy sends me money to my revolut acccount, it takes 24h. But since march 15th, i haven’t receivedmy paiments ( around 2k€ ), stripe history indicates that they sent me every day since the 15th and i still have nothing. Stripe tells me rhey sent them well and had no return until now. Revolut just tells me they received nothing and the worst case anyway would be my money to be bounced back on stripe. Someone already had that problem?

Stripe payments not being received into Revolut account.


Yes I’m having the same problem. A payment went through okay March 15th but nothing since then. Stripe are not being helpful and neither is Revolut. Have you found a solution yet?


Nothing yet, and you ?


Nothing yet but today I should hear a reply from Stripe and Revolut. I’ll definitely post here again.

For me I really really want Revolut Business to work for me because honestly I hate my Irish banks. Problem is I get paid via Stripe for 90% of my business so if Revolut and Stripe can’t work together I will have to get rid of Revolut :frowning:

Talk soon. Keep an eye on this forums and let me know if you hear any more information. I am going to get to the bottom of this. It may take a few days but I will find out.


Are you using Revolut Personal or Revolut Business? I’m using Revolut Business. (still waiting on a reply from Revolut and Stripe)


I m using personal. I finaly had my paiments mate! It was just a big delay. No worries, your funds will arrive.


Hi man, good to know.

I found out a lot more information and posted it all on the thread I created here

I think the problem was that Revolut changed their account details and the funny thing was that Stripe was the one to help me, not Revolut. It seems like Revolut wasn’t even aware of this… They were blaming Stripe. :-/


Hi Simon,

Thank you for writing in, I’m happy to shed some light into this issue!

To give you context, whenever an IBAN is added to your Stripe account, Stripe automatically derives the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) from it.
The BIC uniquely identifies the bank, its name and country and is used along with the IBAN for sending and receiving transfers.

Recently, it seems that Revolut updated the BIC used for their EUR-denominated bank accounts from BARCGB22XXX to REVOGB21XXX.
We received notice of this change and updated our database on March 22th.

As a result, some payouts created after 03/18 may have been sent with the former BIC BARCGB22XXX.
We have not received any returns from your bank: it’s likely that those funds simply need to be reallocated by your bank to the correct bank account.
As next steps, I’d recommend:

Reach out to your bank and provide details from your payouts, including bank account, BIC (BARCGB22XXX), date and amount.
If your bank says it has been returned to Stripe, please request an MT103 or an official bank letter indicating the date of the return
Re-enter your bank informations in your Stripe account:
It should be automatically updated to REVOLUT LTD and the BIC should show up as REVOGB22. That way, all future payouts will be sent with the correct BIC.

I apologize for the delay and the trouble this is causing.
Please, let me know if I can answer any questions you might have about receiving your funds.

Stripe Support