Paiement was declined in shop but it shows paid in app

I’ve seen paiement declined in shop (Woodies), did again and declined again. Had to pay with my highstreet bank.
Once checking in app, I see paiement accepted, with money gones.

I’m contacting support right now but have to wait 6 hours. I come here to know if it happens already, and what is the process from Revolut.

While I’m here, I also got another issue yesterday when topping up. Their system took my card as US and had to pay 4.17€ fees. It was with Google Pay, and did the same few times before with no issue. They want to see my statement.

Right now, they took me 54€ in 2 days because bugs. I hope it’s gonna be resolved.

What are my protection in case they don’t want to accept their mistakes? I’m in Ireland.

Hmm, look like there is an issue and I’m not the only one.

Because got unjustified fees yesterday plus today card issue, I may have overreacted. My paiement are now in pending. Hope it’s gonna be fixed soon.

In same time, I want to share a feedback. I’ve seen a notification in app talking about card. The thing is I removed it as I thought it was an advertisement for one of their product as they do sometimes. While I know, it’s just few lines to read, it would be nice to have something slightly different between new product and issues notifications. Maybe writing problems in red, putting emojis emergency, or whatever that may show its different and have to been read carefully. Like I said, it’s just few lines and I should have read it, but maybe something like this could help a bit as well. Just my tip…