Paiement declined at SNCF, France

Hi, since some weeks my Revolut paiements (and those of my family) are denied

  • at the French railway stations (SNCF),
  • at the Paris Metro stations (RATP),
  • at the French post-offices.
    I mentioned that several times.
    The constant answer from the support “don’t see any failed attempts in our system”. It took them 5 hours to give that answer !!
    My daughter had the same problem and wasn’t able to pay her train ticket so that she got a fine of 100 euros.
    Revolut seems eventually to be a good way to waste money !
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Pour répondre en français (!), je constate moi aussi que les refus de carte de Revolut sont de plus en plus fréquents en France, refus qui commencent à être problématiques au jour le jour.

Any feedback here?
3 months ago I was able to pay at RATP ( the Paris Metro)
Last week I got payment declined at all pay points of the RATP even tough my Pin was accepted.

Did any of you contact the companies you tried to pay at and ask what happend?
According to the original poster, Revolut doesn’t see the transactions, if that is correct, there’s nothing else to do but to ask the payee.
Maybe they stopped accepting Prepaid cards or something?

We were in Paris this weekend (21/22 Apr 18) and the card was declined on the Metro. There is a glitch somewhere. If the card doesn’t work for small transactions like this it doesn’t seem to be much use.

Just to add, my wife’s was declined too. Had to use the bank debit card.

France in general is already light years behind in terms of administration and banking, and here we’re talking about the three worst institutions ever.

We should all pressure them into accepting that the future is now. But let’s do that in a couple weeks—they’re on strike right now :roll_eyes:

tl;dr: I would not put the blame on :r: on this one.

Same problem here… And the thing is that I used to pay my monthly subscription by my revolut card. It worked before…

I had the same problem yesterday and today . I HAVE TRY WITH TRANSPORT MASCHINE AND ALSO DIRECTLY WITH AGENT , IT DOSN’st work’s anymore. I remember last month I have paied with my revolut card. It’s really frustrating. I need to take out money to pay… apparently I saw that many customers have problem to pay with prepaid card… I pay for a premium card I don’t know why’d.

Do you guys all have location based security turned on? Sometimes the terminal will report a regional address instead of where you’re actually at. It’s happened to me once then I turned it off.

It happened to me once. During a wine fair in my own city, the payment was declined while I was paying for a couple of bottles. The producer came from the South of France :grin:

Strange. I used it twice at the RATP metro machines successfully in 2016.