Paid online even with disabled online transactions

Its little bit weird but I have successfully paid with my card online even though I have disabled online transactions on my card. How is this possible?


The answer to that I would like to know also.

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If someone could try to replicate this issue it would be very great!

It happens to me too.

I get one notification that online transaction are disabled and after it works


I have a pre saved card in the ding account. I get declined due to online transactions disabled and after few seconds the transaction goes through.

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My card was charged after I froze it on the app.

It’s just another great feature.

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Omg… ive tried as well. It was disabled and ive paid with it anyway?! Im a bit worried now.


A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still waiting for the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. Depending on the payment type the merchant has a 7 or 10 day period to either claim or cancel the payment. The funds will be automatically returned to your available balance once the merchant cancels the payment or the 7 or 10 days pass and the merchant does not claim the funds. The longer timeframe (10 days) applies to deposits for things such as hotel reservations, car rental deposits, e-commerce pre-authorisations.

This is the explanation from customer service for pending transaction which went though even though e commerce is blocked? The whole point is for transaction to be blocked…coz what if it is 1000 £…etc. You have to wait long time before it comes back especially if u need it. @AndreasK , do u know what happened here?

@tiago I have just tried with a deactivated card. Didn’t worked. Read some place that if you have used a card for auto paying (membership or so) it would still work. (If you configured it before it was deactivated) That would be a pretty nice feature since you then would be able to use phone and so on even after your card was stolen.


I agree it can be good in some situations, like the one you described. But to be a feature we need to know exactly how it works.

In my case it was a shop that I used before but I didn’t want they were able to charge the card again, and they did. Even with a frozen card. Not good at all.


I can agree to that. Haven’t tried with disabling online. Only by freezing the card totally.

@AndreasK What do you think about it?


Hi there. What’s the name of the merchant, date and amount?

I have paid again…
I used Visa. Never tried it with my Mastercard.


Could you please let me know what do you mean online transaction? As I can see these payments are not e-commerce but manual entry.

I have paid VPS hosting and domain name registration online with my Revolut Visa card.

I think some websites has manual entry too.

See my screenshots below. Ding tried once online then tried again and it worked.

So some commerciants might have some sort of automatic POS and do a transaction as manual entry / card not present.

This is also the method used with carbon copy paper over embossed zone. They input later manually the card number and expiration date (no CVV). So I think some of them has this automated as backup method. Dunno :man_shrugging: use “Global Collect Service BV” as a payment gateway.
Internet Cz As (Forpsi) use “Global Payments GP webpay” as a payment gateway.

My virtual card was charged, while it was frozen and it had 0 balance, but strange things happen. This brings me to question the reliability and if there is even a point of freezing cards.

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