Paid... not yet ? how do I know



After having a little scary time with little amounts recently I come today with a suggestion.

When I pay using any bank card, it takes a few days to appear on my operation details.
When I pay using Revolut card, my debits appear straight away even though they are not effective yet.
If I click on one of them, there is a mention “waiting” or so (mine is in French and says “en attente”), meaning the transaction is not quite complete.
Now, If for any reason, a transaction is cancelled it will say it too.

But from my credit/debit list of payments only the cancelled items bear the mention “cancelled”, the paid or waiting to be don’t bear any mention and it becomes hard to know what IS from what WILL BE.

Maybe a little logo like the clouds icons bear such as “upToDate” or “upLoading” could be very handy.

If things are not clear, or anyone wants to know what happened, let me know, I’ll explain.

Many thanks



Hi there,

This happens with each and every type of card, and it means that the merchant did not settle the transaction yet. That means, the transaction was authorized, but not collected YET. The merchant usually has 4-10 days till the authorization cancels, and the money will be back to your account. IF the merchant, on the other hand, settles it, then the money is taken out of the hold section of your account and can be only claimed back by a dispute process.

Example: Hotels, car rentals etc, they do pre-authorization for bigger amount in case of damage, and when you check out, return a car, the whole amount (if no damage was done) will be returned almost right away, as they cancel the transaction.


The OP didnt question the practice though, but only suggested to have some visual feedback in the UI (directly in the list) as to which transaction is complete and which is still pending. A reasonable request IMHO.


My bad hahaha, I support this idea. :sweat_smile:


30 days :slight_smile:
For example it happened for me once to cancel an order (already paid) because the merchant said it might be delayed.
They also said they won’t collect the money and it will get back in my account.

The bank told me I have to wait 30 days for automatic cancellation or to ask for a proof of the order cancellation so they will cancel the transaction straight away. Which I actually did. Solved within minutes over the phone and email :slight_smile:


I’m working in an enviroment with US release standards, sorry, my bad :frowning:
Yep, merchant release form can always help.


regarding authorization cancellation it’s up to card issuer, but not more than 30 days. however cancelling authorization does not mean, that merchant can’t actually charge the card afterwards (e.g. 6 months later).


Now we agree the idea is not bad … who comes to say “yes we will integrate it to our futur release” ?