Paid money into old Revolut account


I wanted to make the point that I also paid into the old Revolut bank account by accident(as the account details were already saved on my internet banking facility when I used this way of paying into my Revolut account 2 years ago).

My last payment into the account was exactly four weeks ago. I still haven’t had the money paid back to me. When I conversed with customer support via the app (i.e. Through messagaing which isn’t ideal) I was also told that the money should come back to me in ten working days). I’ve still not received the money despite it being 4 weeks ago now. Ive got in touch with my own bank who said they’d look into it. They contacted Revolut’s bank. The bank contacted Revolut and got back to my bank saying the account holder has not responded. I’m now £100 short and wondering if Revolut will ever pay me back??? I’ve been telling my friends about what a wonderful product you offer but now doubting if I can trust you. What do say Revolut…?


@Faruk1 If there is an issue with the transfer, it should go back to the sending account automatically. I will reach out to you via message so we can discuss this and your account details.


Thanks Larissa

Have you received my details?

Faruk Dasu