Ownership of support tickets


Trawling through the board, I’ve seen quite a bit of frustration from users being passed to multiple agents, and having to re-explain problems several times over.

Stuff like:

“… this is the 5th agent taking care of my case. It means every time the agents switch the shifts I need to explain the case history again and again cause they don’t see it or they don’t read the messages”

Having just experienced a very irritating couple of weeks with another company, where I wound up getting a new agent every phone call/e-mail and having to explain all of the intricacies/technical details of the same problem again and again, knowing I’d be facing exactly the same hurdles and assumptions that the other agents brought to the conversation, it quickly begins to feel like Groundhog Day!

Along with Support channels, it’d be useful for responses to route to the original agent, so conversations can evolve without starting from scratch every time.

Perhaps you could implement a system that would first route messages back to the existing assigned case worker, with a fall-back to another (available) agent if a response isn’t given within a certain timeframe, or if that particular agent is absent?


Absolute +1. Maybe even with a status tag?

Ticket #XXXX, handled by Andreas. Status: received. Or whatever.