Own design card

Would be cool for a bit of extra money to be able to put own design on the card, a picture or so…


Can be very interesting :wink:
and at least we can have something unique and more personal

At least provide this option (free) for virtual cards.

Would be good if we would have cards with the following details:
Full name
Birth date
And a picture (passport style)

Those ID bank cards exists and can be used as ID.

Why it would be useful?

Imagine you lose your passport while traveling to a remote island, e.g. in Philippines. To go back to the capital to reach your embassy you need to board a flight. This ID-card would save our ass :slight_smile:
I’ve heard many times at check in “photo ID accepted: driver license, passport, National ID, credit cards ID)

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Very 90s. Some German cards had an ID-like photo back then. :wink:

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We used to have this in Denmark a couple of years ago. But the banks have already stopped doing it because of Copyrighted materials being used on the designs. Wouldn’t get my hopes up.

well you can always check if it is against copyrights if you charge some 100kr for the card. It would be also a good advertising for revolut, because people would ask, how did we get this cool card :slight_smile:

You can’t really do that. People will say it is fine, but Revolut will be liable to a huge fine if they print something that is copyrighted. Just see what happend in CS:GO with the Howl weapon skin.

Many German banks offer photo cards. Customers can upload a photo that’s then printed on the background. When ordering such a card, you have to agree to the terms that you are the copyright owner of the photos. Many things like faces, logos, and just plain color, are not allowed. The bank needs to verify the photo, of course. These individual cards usually cost about 10 EUR extra. Could it be done? Sure. Should it be done? I would say no. But if someone wants such a card, I don’t really care.

From a company‘s perspective, I wouldn’t want that. The card is the main touchpoint for a payment product right now. I would want to control the brand image here. This would be more important for me than entertaining a customer‘s urge for individuality.


Some Danish banks does however still offer this.

Only pre-defined designs.

Nope… https://www.al-bank.dk/privat/kort-valuta/design-dit-eget-kort/

And they are not the only one. Just google “kort + eget design”

Funny. Thats my primary bank aswell

Jea it would be nice to have my own design on the card :slight_smile: You can get such cards in Switzerland too. Usually with a little fine.

I would very much appreciate this feature as well, for practical purposes: many supermarket chains around here use barcodes on their customer cards (which you need e.g. to obtain a self-scanning device) - but carrying an extra card just for the barcode on it is kind of useless.
I would like to print those barcodes on the back of my Revolut card, which I’m anyway carrying with me, so I can use it both for payment and as a “customer card”.
For the time being, I’m using stickers, but that’s clearly not an optimal solution as they tend to peel off after some usage…

There are apps for that purpose, like Yunar, for example.

Thanks, I know … I’ve also got the barcodes on my phone, but depending on the type of scanner the shops use, scanning a barcode from the screen can be somewhat tedious - in particular since those are just “regular” EAN-13 barcodes in my area, not QR codes or anything optimized for being scanned off a screen.