Overseas Medical Insurance rip off


I subscribed to the overseas medical insurance and I choose to Pay-per-Day.

Here: www.revolut.com/pay-per-day-overseas-medical-insurance
it says, people who Pay-per-Day until they hit the annual spending cap will have their policy to last for the rest of the year BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE.

I have reached the annual spending cap and Revolut still withdraw money from my account.
I’ve contacted the support through the App but they are a bunch of incompetent people. I wrote hours and hours of messages to them and no one was able to help fully. They say things like: Why don’t you just cancel your insurance, then Revolut won’t withdraw money anymore on your account…
If I do cancel the insurance then I won’t be covered while I am traveling abroad (where I am at the moment).


Pay by card or withdraw money from an ATM to pay less fees?

Why don’t you get a normal, cheaper and better insurance?

Revolut charges you 70£ if you even want to make a claim… that’s inadmissible in my opinion.

Paid 35€ at mondial assistance for 90 days insurance. Without “fool fee” when I made a claim :slight_smile:



You can get ‘reasonable’ annual worldwide, including USA for less than £15. Five star defacto for £35 ! (Check T&C’s).


Many other comparison websites available ! Step away from Revolut!



Thanks @Iskender and @Sal. Well, I haven’t compared with others insurance company because I thought Revolut were competitive. Thank you for telling me this. Next time I’ll be more careful.



Unfortunately offers from www.gocompare.com/travel-insurance/ are only for permanent residents of the United Kingdom…



I did not consider non UK citizens. I am sure there are similar comparison websites in other countries ?



In my case revolut are 55% cheaper
And both are with fees, revolut fees are cheaper
or its will be more expensive

And have they fixed the pay abroad option?