Overseas Medical Insurance Overcharge


I recently was travelling and used the Revolut daily overseas medical insurance. It was great. However, since I’ve I returned home the insurance has not automatically deactivated like I was promised it would. It has been 5 days and I am continued to being charged despite me returning home.

I have raised this in the in app chat but a live agent is yet to get back to me even after 3 days of waiting. Can someone help me with this?


I have a similar problem. I have return to UK 28th February and every day until today I’m charged. It didn’t deactivate automatically. No way to cancel it on the App. A robot is not answering this questions. Phone calls are not picked up.

I confirm that I have exactly the same problem. Provisionally I solved it by withdrawing all money from Revolut account. However see what has happened. In the travel insurance conditions it is promised that it is valid no more than for 45 days form the the day someone is abroad. So I have topped up some amount after 50 days… and Revolut has taken at once the ravel insurance fee for 2 days!!! Well, I have withdrawn the topped up money once again and probably will not use Revolut any more.

Finally I have managed to have a Revolut consultant in the chat mode. In order to avoid Rita AI chat-bot, one must type two magic words ‘live agent’. After a while (for me 30 seconds) a real human appears and it is possible to present the problem.
My consultant has immediately deactivated my travel insurance. Then that I had to present him (or her?) my air tickets as attachments. After a thorough verification I was promised to be re-funded few days later.
So the Revolut service is not so bad, but there is no clear information about the ‘magic words’ to type in order to have a chat with a human being. I was informed about it after having emailed to feedback@revolut.com. Immediately I have received an automatic answer how to proceed with the chat. Well, now the issue is solved, what a relief !!