Overseas medical insurance IS HERE!


Finally. Thanks :r:

The surprise was to see that as a premium user I have an annual insurance so I don’t have to prepare something in advance.

Now I have to check the T&C. As annual is perfect because I’m traveling 360 days per year :joy: no trip longer than 3 months (in theory).

Looking forward to see other “soon” benefits getting done :slight_smile:


Terms are a bit vague compared with the annual insurance of Bupa for example.
No trip longer than 40 days. Really?
Half a year during the annual insurance.

I wonder how do you count this things within Europe where there’s no proof of traveling checks.
And I wonder if you know people in Asia travel for months, just saying.

In Bupa for example any trip is considered separated even if I don’t return home between those two. So any new destination is considered a new trip. Also, I do t know how do you count max 183 days. If I fly to Korea and/ or Australia or other countries I won’t get a stamp. So you don’t know if I’ve been home or still abroad.


Well, it’s a typical travel insurance like they are part of many „gold“ credit cards. Nothing crazy for staying abroad for longer than the average vacation.


They use your phone’s location.


For activation, yes, but not in case you’re making a claim, I assume.


In case of claim, either they still use data from geo-location, or they ask for proof.
Visa+stamps for most countries, in Europe they could ask for hotel receipts and such . It might be a bit of a hassle but again people don’t make claims very often I think.

We’ll see. (or maybe @AndreasK knows?)


what if I stay at friends or couchsurfing?

There are no stamps in EU for european passports.

Even out of EU, there are countries which does not stamp (Australia, Korea) or countries which accepts the ID (Georgia).

The only period would be a card transaction in that location. But you can’t be forced to his.

And I’m speaking in general terms, most insurances has this policy. Even if they actually can’t really check…


Why are people so happy with this product?
It is very expensive and only covers medical costs. A 365 days travel insurance with medical coverage (most cost are covered via the normal medical insurance) only costs about 30% and than travel cancel is included too.


Well, I’m very happy because it’s included in the premium :sunglasses:

And yes, maybe a 365 days travel insurance can be found cheaper elsewhere, but I guess the “bonus” here is that - for non premium people - it can be enabled in one click and on a pay per day basis.

Also, I know many people who don’t take insurance when it’s not required for the visa, this little notification that shows up when arriving in the country and giving them peace of mind in 5 seconds might actually be good for them, without the hassle of filling the forms etc.

@Iskender I just remembered, all customers are currently from the EU, and we are all entitled to a European health insurance card (I have two valid ones…), so I guess in the end we don’t need insurance when travelling in europe :sweat_smile:


Can Revolut stop marketing this as “overseas medical insurance” as it clearly isn’t. What you are actually selling is medical travel insurance and the distinction is huge.

The policy documentation also needs to be clearly available before customers buy Premium if you don’t want to fall foul of mis-selling. This may have changed since I upgraded but I certainly wouldn’t have paid for Premium had I know that I wouldn’t been covered. PPI blew up in the faces of banks because they were selling insurance cover to people who never would have been able to claim and this certainly feels similar.

I wanted to claim only to find out that I wasn’t covered simply because I had no return flight booked and had no firm plans for when I would return. Had it been marketed as travel insurance I would have know this before.

The policy specifically states that you are only covered for:

Trip(s) – a holiday or journey which is a round Trip, starting from when You leave Your Home Country, and which ends on Your return to Your Home Country, and includes an overnight
A Trip is for travel outside Your Home Country, to and from the final destination of Your Trip, but not including travel to and from your normal place of work

Due to Revoluts low fees on foreign currency transactions you will find that many of your customers frequently work and travel abroad and simply don’t travel in a way that is covered by this insurance.

The policy documents are also a bit ambiguous around the term Your Home Country.

If I’m a UK resident for tax purposes but spend most of my time in France what is my home country? If I move to Ireland for 6 months for work and make short trips to the USA, will I have medical cover in the USA?

Who knows?


Great idea but it needs to be properly customisable to be any use to me. I need sports cover if I’m traveling and ideally sports equipment cover up to several thousand pounds as well as options for cancellations and stuff.
I assume this is a minimum viable product for the moment and it will improve over time :crossed_fingers:


My guess is that your home country is the one registered in Revolut.