Overseas Bank account


I am a registered user here in the UK. I have linked my home bank accounts and cards and am happy with the service and process etc.

From previous work abroad, I have a bank account in Singapore, for which i have all the necessary verification details.

Am i also able to link my Singapore-based (or any other country-based account for that fact) to my existing account or do i have to set up a separate Revolut account?


You can keep your current Revolut account, please do not open a second Revolut account since this is not allowed in Revokut TOS :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “link”? Do you mean the card associated with your Singaporean account?

Hi - so maybe a bit more detail

My Revolut account was set up here in UK. I have linked my UK bank accounts

I would like to transfer some Singapore Dollars (SGD) from my Singapore bank to Revolut.
I have since found that you can do this, as instructed by the app, to Revolut Ltd, the Lloyds Bank here in the UK

I have set up a SGD account on my Revolut account and activated it.

Just to check. If i send SGD to Revolut Ltd, am i actually sending it to a SGD account within Revolut Ltd, or will I be charged an fx fee. Or rather are there any charges involved with that?

Hope that process makes sense

You have to send the SGD to the polled (Revolut LTD) SWIFT IBAN specified in your SGD balance.