overdue transfer to personal IBAN



My revolut transfer to my personal IBAN is overdue and I have no idea how to get help, therefore I’m opening this community thread

On 8th May 2017 18:44 GMT+2, I ordered the transfer of 14K RON to my IBAN, from my Revolut EUR account (3,081.12EUR was debited from Revolut at the time of the order).

Today (7 days since I ordered the transfer) I checked with my bank and there’s no track of such payment in their records
My bank asked me to provide a proof of payment so they could further investigate

Then I asked revolut support chat to provide the proof and I’ve still got no answer from them

Previously I have transferred even larger amounts to the same IBAN and it never took more than 5 work days for the money to arrive in my IBAN

Can I get an update please?



Salut! Un transfer poate dura pana la 10 zile. Iti recomand sa mai astepti sau sa ii contactezi pe Twitter (@RevolutApp), aici raspund cel mai repede :slight_smile: Poti si pe Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp


Ceau! Am incercat pe fb, inca nu mi-au raspuns acolo… intre timp au raspuns prin aplicatie si suntem in curs de solutionare…


Ma bucur :smiley: Ei incearca din greu sa micsoreze timpul de asteptare din cate am vazut


Ai reusit sa primesti banii in contul de lei? Pana acum eu am transferat doar eur in contul din Romania si banii ajung in 2 zile.

Ce comisioane ati avut cu bancile corespondente?


Am incasat in urmatoarea zi dupa ce am vorbit cu support-ul. Comision 0 la ING.