Overcharged for Top Up

Just opened an account with Revolut for €50. Charged €1 for the privilege. Its fee structure says free . I better get reimbursed or I’ll send a complaint to the ombudsman. This plus a refusal of automatic verification. 12 hours and counting waiting for manual verification. Very annoying. Transfer wise took about 1 minute. Extremely poor first impression. Considering not bothering and cancelling if no satisfaction by the end of the day.

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Don’t be so dramatic about the fee.

Top ups are free as long as one is using a personal card issued in the EEA. Sometimes, their system recognizes a personal card as a business card. You can contact support, show them some sort of proof that the card is indeed a personal card and they can adapt the system for you accordingly.

I’ll be as dramatic as I like when I’m receiving sub standard second rate service and being overcharged. I’ve contacted the support. Heard nothing back. Absolutely awful first impression. Excuses don’t cut it. If my issues are not addressed by the morning, I’ll cancel and expect full reimbursement. If not, I’m complaining to the ombudsman and the central bank.

Are you sure that is not authorisation only? (If it is that case it will be reverted within a few days)

How this 1 EUR is described in the app?