Other colors for app (and card)


Continuing the discussion from What do you want when you receive your card?:

I’d love to see that pink replaced with anything else, preferably light green

Also the blue ish pink sparkling standard card.


I agree… It looks a little too sparkling; when activating it at the gas-station (first payment with pin), the owner had a “strange look” in my face and i could read a quesiton in his mind (we know each other a long time) I didn’t want to hear :wink:

I don’t mind the color in the app soo much (“Twint”, the payment solution from swiss banks (and postfinance) looks worse, just trust me on that)… But I’d like it to be customizable, too…

Eg. when freezing the card (I do it when I know I’ll not using it for more than 48h), the button “Report is stolen” is right under “unfreeze”; even on e 5.1"-display, the button is too close. I’d like being able to change that…


Paying with Revolut Card situation:

Bro, do you have something to tell me?! :anguished:

Ew… eh, no…

It’s a bit toooo much pink and idk if the idea of making the standard card sparkling/ disco ball pinky blue was in fact a good idea… :slight_smile:


yeah, that was pretty much the situation i found myself in due to the sparking-card :wink: