ordering physical card after having virtual card

Sorry if it was already covered but i guess there was some update and most topics i’ve found on the topic are outdated.

My problem is that i have new account, I’ve added some doublons and polish rupies, added virtual card and used it - everything sweet by now but now i want to order physical card but only option i see is to go premium and pay for for duplicate card. Should i delete virtual card in order to request physical card? is there any way to have it cheaper (postal fee) as it was previously? All tutorials and topics do not specify anything about limitation of having only single card.

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Hahaha, nice sense of humour🤣
Tap “cards”, then “plus” in upper right corner

Then choose “physical card”

If you want to avoid “spare card” fee you have to cancel virtual card first.

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Thanks :slight_smile: just wanted to be sure that i have to remove virtual card first - i wanted to avoid removing working virtual card. When I request physical card can i use it immediately? (do i have numbers or do i have to wait for mail?)

If you’re verified- yes (your identity and card which you’re using to topup), this card will be visible in the app after a while.

The request for going premium might be because you’ve selected „free express delivery“. This is only offered for premium subscribers. You should be able to order your additional card without deleting the virtual one if you pick a different shipping option.

(You can, of course, also delete the virtual card first. This way, you can save the spare card fee. But in case you want to have two separate cards, you can do that without going premium, I believe.)

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