Ordering a credit card in Kazakhstan


Hello, I’m actually in kazakhstan and I just created a revolut account, does someone know if revolut is able to send me a credit card there?


Hey @Elvile :slight_smile:

Check the ever-helpful FAQs :smile:


thanks, but I was asking because it’s not very clear there


Do you have an existing Revolut account?


I do yes, I just created it today


Which jurisdiction is it in (Is it UK or a Eurozone country.)?


My main adress is in france so European juridiction I suppose


Looks like you can get it delivered.


Wow thank you very much ! Did you found that in the most often asked questions? A counselor from the supper the just told me that it’s not possible that they send the credit card in Kazakhstan. Weird…


I think it might have to do with it being your first debit card.

Your first debit card may/will have to be sent to your primary address first. If you lose your card or want additional debit cards, then it can be sent anywhere around the world (That is listed in the image above.).


Oh okay so the solution is that I order 2 cards, one in france and a second in Kazakhstan
Thanks a lot for your help


Yup! We’re shipping card to Kazakhstan :slight_smile: