Ordering 1st card while abroad

EU national/ resident
Currently traveling in Asia, now in Philippines until February

I’ve made a revolut account, verified, and asked on Twitter if they can send me the card here.
Yes, they can via express delivery.

But there’s one issue: in T&C is written that the 1st card has to be delivered to the account adress, which is “only” 10000km away.

Also due to the cost of delivery (30€) compared with the cost of Premium [which includes free express delivery, and it cost 65€] I’ve decided to opt in for premium. But before to top up and proceed with the premium account, I want to be sure if Revolut can or not send the 1st card to PH (otherwise I have to cancel the account and maybe do it next summer when I’ll be home for a week)

@larysa.stachowicz thanks :slight_smile:

@anon33247966 can you please help with this? :slight_smile:

According to T&C:

As long as you have legal residence in one of the countries mentioned in the section “Where is Revolut available” you can order a RevolutCard directly through the Revolut App. Just go to "Card” and set one up. As from the 26 June 2017, the first Revolut card that you order will be delivered to the address linked to your Revolut account.

But this is quite hard for someone who already started traveling :confused:

I can prove my residence in Romania by ID or bank statement; but before sending money to my Revolut :r: account I would like to know if it’s possible or not to get the card in Philippines.

ps. I can prove also with all my passport pages to check the visa stamps to see that I’m traveling and not living around :smiley: Just a little help needed here…
Thank you,

Hi there.

Could you please reach out our in-app support team so that we can help?

In the end I did that, so… no. They can’t send the first card to other address no matter of what. That’s not so helpful for someone who already started traveling.

There’s only one option:

Order the 1st card (the basic) to my legal address in Romania and leave it in the mailbox till summer when I’m going home
Upgrade to premium and order the new Premium card where I’ll be (Philippines/ Thai/ Singapore).

That’s something which could work, for a loss of 6 EUR and time… so, as I’m not in a hurry anymore (doesn’t change anything if I order it now or in Jan. anymore as I have to wait the first card to arrive in RO) I’ll wait a bit