Ordered my card for the 3rd time, still didn't arrive



I’ve ordered my card on 17th of February and didn’t receive it.

Ordered it for a second time on 7th on March to a different location. I still didn’t received it.

Ordered it for the third time to my office 31st of March. It’s 9th of May and I’m still waiting for the card.

The support chat experience so far has been a true agony. Now I only get the “Rita” automatic messages and there’s no live agent after trying for 2 days.

I’m sure you’re doing your best to solve all support cases, but there needs to be a better way of dealing with this kind of issues. Hope this channel is more effective.



Are you a premium customer, or are you paying an additional delivery fee each time you order a new card?


I’m a standard customer and paying the fee each time, but I’ve got refunded for those transactions. That’s great, but not solving my problem.

I’ve reached out revolut via facebook messenger as well and the answer was again: “I can terminate this card and you can order a new one. I can then refund the Standard delivery costs.”

There must be another solution! This is the 4th time I’ve been asked to re-order my card, but it’s never arriving. Can someone check what’s going on before asking me to re-order for the X time?


What country are you in?
Is it possible that your postal service is insecure and someone is stealing the cards?


I’m located in Romania.

I doubt there any security issue with the postal service. I’ve ordered the card at work, where at least 10 of my colleagues received their Revolut card in the last month.