Ordered my card express delivery 4 business days ago and it hasn't arrived. There is no tracking number in app and Im going on holiday in 2 days! Help

The automated bot is not providing any answers, I just want to check what’s going on?!

There was a delay last week.
One of my cards were sent on Monday (as scheduled) and the premium one today (instead 11 JAN).

Both of them with DHL

For both of them I’ve got emails from DHL with the tracking number and details. In the app wasn’t appearing anything

Thanks. I’ve checked junk/spam folders for anything with no luck. I just would like to know from someone at Revolut if the order was placed, or what’s going on. App control of your card is great, but you can’t beat speaking to someone over the phone as you would with a normal banking service for when things go wrong.

Guess I’m using my standard master card on holiday then…

Hi there. I can see that you’ve received your card. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.