Ordered card

Hey there, I odered a card three days ago and I could then see a timeline in the app of the dates it would be posted and delivered, but I can’t see it anymore since yesterday. I also received an email today welcoming me to Revolut and suggesting me to order a card because it seemed that I had created my account but not ordered a card yet. But I did in fact ordered a card three days ago. Any idea of whether there has been any problem with the order? I really need the card by the end of next week.


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Did you choose standard delivery or express, respectively are a you a premium customer? If standard delivery, next week might be a bit tight as it can take two weeks to arrive.

Best thing would be to ask support, make sure you type “live agent” to get an actual operator on-line.

Should be with you within 10 days from ordering the card.

Hello, I just opened a new account and tried to get the standard card (physical not virtual) on the app. It doesn t let me chose the next step and only give the option to upgrade to a Premium card which is not my choice. Quite a frustrating experience… if you have any advise it would be much appreciated. Thanks and regards, Philippe