order your free Revolut card.


Hello, I received an email from the Revolut, where I’m offered to order a free Revolut card. I think this is a promotion. Offer comes to an end in 4 days on the 2018-06-02.

and: Simply head on over to the cards tab in the app to order your free Revolut card.

but in my application, in the “card” tab there is no button to order a free card. And you also need to replenish the account and pay for the card.

How can I order a card for free?


Do you have any revolut card now? If yes- button will appear after sweeping the card left.
Please remember that in most cases only first physical card can be free.


no, i dont have any revolut card :frowning:


And don’t you see that in card’s section?


Yes, I have such a screen. When I press the “physical card” I see a screen that it is necessary to top up the account by 20 pln


You will always have to top up the account nur you can use the 20 PLN freely.


Just do it. After ordering card you’ll be able to withdraw your money :wink: