Order first physical card with premium delivery

Can I order my first physical card with express delivery?

Hey @erstaunen1 :slight_smile:

Sure you can :wink:
You will be given the chance when you order (it will probably cost €20)

I also need to order it to a different address than my regular one.
Will I get this option if I click “Add card with £5 fee”? This is the only one I’m seeing.

Also, if it doesn’t arrive on time, will I get the charge back? @Juliopp

Hey @erstaunen1 :slight_smile:

I recently helped someone open their :r: account and I don’t recall reading that. Just after trying to apply for a card, you were asked which kind of delivery you wanted. Is this your first card or do you have a virtual one already?

Also, @erstaunen1

I have seen different results, but the official answer is this one:

I completely ignore this. There’s not such a clause in the contract (in fact, they refuse all liability for postal delays), but maybe you can reach an agreement with them beforehand or they would refund you out of good will / commercial gesture :wink: