Order card to a PO Box.

I realized that just specific countries can order a VISA card.

I have a few thousand euros stuck on PayPal and if I withdraw them to my bank account I have to convert them to USD which PayPal takes high percentage off.
I would like a VISA card because my PayPal can withdraw only to VISA cards.

Am I allowed to ship the card to a friend in NL or P.O. box in NL?

Edited your post title so it’d make more sense in English.

But as for the answer, no you’re not allowed to do either. It’s a breach of Revolut T&C.

You’re only meant to add addresses where you’re a legal resident and could prove that with documents if required.

PO Boxes just flat out aren’t allowed.

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So there isn’t anything I can do to obtain VISA card? :confused:

Hope Revolut starts issuing Visa’s in your country.

Alternatively you can visit the United Kingdom and go to a store called “Wilko’s”. They sell Revolut Visa cards.

Would probably be big money for anyone who wanted to sell Revolut Visa’s for resale :wink:

If anyone wants one I can probably ship it to them, I guess.

Only if he changed his resident address (which would be necessary to change the available card types).
After the first card any additional card can be shipped wherever you want.

A store thst sells Revolut VISA cards? First time hearing that.
And yes, I would love if you could send me one.
Are they free or? What would the shipping be?

They would ship him a selection from his own country regardless of where they ship it, unless he changed his address (which would be a breach of ToS and may require proof of address to begin with)

They’re £5 for the card itself if I remember correctly, either that or £10.

No idea what shipping would be, as I don’t routinely ship things across countries (or even domestically).

Also not sure what Revolut thinks about shipping their unregistered prepaid cards across countries.

That and it’d require me to go out of my way, so I’d need transport + time stuff, no idea though, maybe someone else lives next to a Wilko’s and would be able to do it for just base cost of the card itself plus shipping?

@Rob did mention he’d considered doing similar before

If you get a visa Revolut from Wilkos how do you add it to your existing account?

My work HQ is right across the road from a Wilkos so could get a colleague to check if I need one. Physical visa would be great. (only got the virtual visa)

It’s pretty easy!

Just click that and follow the instructions!

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Hi guys,

I have just raised a support ticket and it seems :r: are perfectly happy for an unregistered card to be purchased here in the UK (assuming we can find them in stock) and posted abroad. I used an example of shipping to the Netherlands. Here’s the chat (although I’ve blotted out the support agent’s name to protect their identity):

So it seems if you know anyone in the UK and you really really need an unregistered Revolut VISA card you might want to DM someone here on the community forum to see if they can help source one for you. The card costs. Postage costs. As does time. So although the card is only £5 to buy (if you can find one), you should expect the bill to be much higher than that. It won’t be cheap.

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I would be happy to sort people out with Revolut cards, although I’d have to go out of my way to get my hands on them as I don’t often go near Wilko’s.

I’ll see how much it’ll cost me per card to ship and think of a reasonable markup for it (as I’m going to have to travel just to get them)

DM me if you’re interested.

P.S. If volume increases I’ll work on tighter margins as I don’t particularly want to make profit so much as help people be able to use their finances better around the world :slight_smile: this issue is pretty close to me as I wanted a Visa for quite a while, and I still can’t get a Maestro.

I didn’t know you could withdraw money to a VISA from PayPal?

Pretty sure you can which is neat I guess since I could have USD withdrawn to my card directly?

Oh wait - last I checked PayPal want to send me money in GBP like I have no use for EUR or USD lol

It varies per country. You can check available methods in your country on PayPal’s website.