Order card error


I have an error when I try to order a card, something like
'We are sorry, an error occured, please try later"
What can I do ?


Hey squady, please contact support via the in app chat. Type “live agent” to get a hold of a customer service representative.


Got same message. Any suggestions on what to do? Chats not available on the weekend? Trying to get a physical card with the promotion.


Ok, thanks for the answer.
Chat seems very busy at this time :frowning:


Same error here. I can’t get my card… :hushed:


This error appears only with free promo cards. Just went to premium and ordered premium card without problems :frowning: Seems bug or overload.


I am receiving the same error. Since the last day to receive the free Revolut card, I would suggest that you would go through this bug.
Thank you


Hi !
Same problem here.
I can’t order my free card (during the promotion). I’ve put 20€ on my account to be sure it’s ok, but still not working.


Same error ‘try later’ for me. I cannot ordered my free card…


Guys, please contact in app chat if you have a problem. With the promotion going on there is a little more waiting time. But they will be able to help you :slight_smile:


No live agent able in app chat… Too busy. I will try later.


Dear Henrik, no agent is available to assist.

So, I am sure the servers are overloaded. Hope it can be fixed.


Problem solved here.