Order cancelled by shop and deleted virtual card

Hi! i have a small question to which i probably know the answer but it doesn’t hurt to ask anyway - I made revolut account, ordered virtual card, made some shopping with it and thought “oh that’s really nice and it’s working” so i deleted virtual card in order to order physical card (after asking here that it is impossible to order one without deleting virtual one) and everything went smoothly - i got new pin and new card number - someday i will have my card (thingers crossed!) but… Seller on aliexpress cancelled my order and want to give me my money back. Am i right thinking that i wont get my money back since they will return it to card number that is no longer my? :frowning:

Just add another card to your AliExpress account then the refunds will end up there. Just did almost the same.

In Alipay? never used it before - i was happy without it :wink:

Yes I just did it there. But if you don’t use it it might not be the solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I sign up anyway - it already had my other card (normal bank debbit card) - maybe money reach me there… Support (i found opotion to contact them…) says that there is no refund for my transaction so maybe it needs some more time.