Options for son (couple of months under 18)

My son will be travelling in Europe and a Revolut card would be ideal. Trouble is, he will be just a month or two under 18. Can the Revolut account be in my name, i.e. with me effectively as guarantor, with a spare card for him to use, and with me topping up from my account (bank of mum and dad)? What are the options… there must surely be a way?


He cant sign up yet, but you probably can (are you based in the EU). Handing him then your card shouldnt be a problem. Just keep in mind, this will be your account. If he wants his own eventually he will have to sign up himself.

So if he has a card with my name on it, when he comes to use it, would the retailer not be within their rights to refuse it, given that he is not the same person as stated on the card? And yes, I’m in the EU… at least for now :wink:

For now? You need to be a legal resident to sign up.

As for the card, if the identity does not match it sometimes can be an issue with a credit card. With a debit card, and if your son can confirm a purchase with the PIN, it usually should not be a problem. Of course, should they want to verify it, it still might be a problem.

For now? You need to be a legal resident to sign up.

See here.

Is there no way to provide any certainty to a (just) under 18 using the card? Is this actually within the T&Cs?

:slight_smile: Alright

It actually is the EEA and AFAIK there hasnt been made a decision in that regard yet, but considering Revolut is based in the UK, I guess that shouldnt be a problem anyhow.

What kind of certainty? At the moment he cant become a customer, period. And there wont be any guarantee regarding card sharing.

That when he wants to pay for something (with a card that is guaranteed by his parents), he can, and it won’t be refused because it doesn’t have his name on it.

You wont get any guarantee here as it still is not his card.

Seems less than ideal. Will look around for other providers that would allow such usage, without question.

What question? If you find a service provider who offers their service for customers under 18, your son can sign up and will naturally have a card in his name. With every other provider you will face the same issue.

I can recommend nationwide’s flexone. he will get a visa debit card without fees for non-sterling, including cash withdrawals.


I don’t really understand why there is this restriction, since under 18s can have bank accounts and be issued with bank cards in their own name.

yes, I was talking about the visa debit option

Revolut just has decided not to offer services for people not of legal age yet. KYC is way more complex, and they would have to align all additional services like insurances as well or limit services to the basics for this group of customers. It’s not just their T&Cs but also the T&Cs of all their service providers.

They are working on a product for shared accounts / cards for teenagers. But until then, services are limited to persons of legal age.

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@Frank can you give us a link to read about those decisions?

Here you are:

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Thanks @redi, but that statement doesn’t tell anything about the assertions made by @Frank

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