Optional maestro card

Your balance would go into the negative. At least that is my guess as it can happen and already did.

Basicly: if Revolut comes with a Maestro, I’m closing my backaccount and I use my revolut as my bankaccount


and Belgium… basicly their Bancontact system is Maestro


Bancontact is an online payment option?
Just like iDeal.

Dont think they will offer that but Sofort could be possible as its an European network.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure Bancontact is more like Giro in Germany and Dankort in Denmark. Where machines typically work with Maestro and the local method as opposed to MasterCard and Visa.


You are smart! :wink:

And it can be used for in-store and online payments.

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Bancontact is the national belgian payment card, co-branded with Maestro.
It indeed has an online payment option.

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FYI no Bancontact is not (originally)
Bancontact has been, until maestro was added to the cards, the sole type of debetcards with whom you could pay in Belgium (Bancontact/mistercash it was called).
and even now it is still the company that provides 90% of the cards,
But, they also took over Payconiq via whom they do online payments


I have received a Revolut Maestro card, but I wanted to a MasterCard. How do I get a Revolut MasterCard? I am residing in Germany currently.

I wish to order Maestro :slight_smile:
When you were ordering, was it displayed as MasterCard?

During ordering, click on type and then choose between Maestro and Visa, which is on offer for Switzerland at the moment. Most likely the same in Germany. MasterCard can’t be ordered with the standard plan at the moment.

If you cannot order a basic design card with Mastercard (it might be Visa), you can always upgrade to the premium plan and order a card with the premium design. Afterwards you can downgrade to the free plan within 2 weeks (via a customer agent) and keep the premium card until it expires. the premium cards are always Mastercard.
That way they will charge you for the postage and the extra card as if you ordered a regular card.
To know the exact amount contact a customer agent first.

The available card types are determined by your country of residence. Some have Mastercard other Visa as standard card.
Maestro is only available, additionally to the basic card, to very few countries such as Switzerland and (not 100% sure) Germany, Austria, the Netherlands.
You will always receive the type of card you see when you order it.


Please Revolut, can you offer UK residents a Maestro card, as you do to Dutch & German residents. You allowed me to apply for both MasterCard & Visa, but after contacting you twice, Maestro seems to be impossible and I don’t understand why. I’m planning on visiting the Netherlands and understand that a Maestro card is invaluable.

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How can I get a MAESTRO card as a Belgian resident?
I’m a new user since today and just spent >80 EUR on a premium subscription to realise the only card I’m automatically proposed is a VISA card.
I live in Belgium and work in The Netherlands and more than 9 of the 10 places I pay at only accept MAESTRO. The proposed VISA is useless for me…
How can I get the card?

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You can only order Maestro card if you have German or Dutch address set in the app.

Add Switzerland and Austria. These are all countries which have a history of maestro card being much cheaper for the merchant to accept than any other card.

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As a Swiss you can order a maestro card. I have had one since 2018 and could choose one again. (Debit card -> Type -> maestro)

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Which is the case for Belgium too.
Unfortunately, customer service informed me through live chat that the algorithm decided I’m not eligible for Maestro (as a Belgian citizen) and should only receive a Visa, merchants don’t want in Belgium and the Netherlands (where I work).

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You can get one with N26 and a temporary dutch address.

Obviously I’m not responsible for any repercussions that Revolut could in theory give you for breaking ToS

But there are no checks to change your address temporarily to a German one and then back to a Belgian one :slight_smile: any cards ordered during this time can be sent to your address in Belgium and would remain active after changing your address back