Optional maestro card


I just tried ordering one from the UK for when I travel to the Netherlands, but was told in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t possible.


Since you mention multibanco, in Portugal you can use any card pretty much anywhere and for any amount. There is the odd place that only accepts multibanco and even more of a rarity a place that doesn’t accept cards.

I can’t honestly remember a place that doesn’t accept cards, and multibanco only, I can only think of post offices and toll booths.

And toll booths have a valid reason to not accept other cards. MC/Visa require pin authentication, which would increase the time each driver takes to pay their toll, increasing traffic jams. With multibanco toll booths have a specific merchant category that doesn’t require any kind of pin or other authentication, making the process as fast as possible, you just insert the card and take it out


Post offices and most pharmacies!


Wrong: According to measurements in Germany, an average card payment with pin authentication is still slightly faster than cash.


What are you talking about? I’m saying card payments without pin are faster than card payments with pin…

Are you claiming inserting the pin is faster than not having to insert anything?


Ahhh, sorry, I haven’t read the word ‘other’ in the first sentence :smiley: Of course, you’re right.


How about contactless? xD


Yeh no wonder i cant get many Dutch friends to try Revolut :frowning:
Potentially it would be such a good move as well, as the Dutch often go to German banks just to get a card for travelling because all cards in NL at the moment (and it has been that way for sometime) issue a fee for all non-euro transactions.
So if only :r: gave Maestro as an option to all NLers it would be the solution.
I ended up really lucking out btw, because as i said earlier :r: is only issuing Maestro to NLers at random… i was one such lucky random individual! :sweat_smile: Sooo00000OOO happy about that!
If you are in NL (and your address on :r: is in NL): keep checking the purchase new card section of the app. You might get lucky too! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:


Btw, my “normal” bank throws Maestro cards just for free for their customers (you pay nominal fee for new card only when renewing card after 2 years). I don’t have it, becouse I don’t see use for it. Maestro in my country is something like Visa Electron, sure they got accepted everywhere in POS/ATM’s , but normally majority of people use Mastercards/VISA’s. Maestro is considered as card for pensioners and visa electron for students.


Contactless only works with one of them. Banks usually associate the NFC antenna with the scheme that has the credit function, though I have a card with dual NFC antennas.

However while one of them is maestro, the other works with public transportation in Lisbon. It also charges to my current account but uses a different NFC cryptography from the one used by bank cards. I think if you were to have the same dual NFC antenna, one Mastercard, the other maestro, the POS terminals would get confused :wink:


Would be nice to have it also in Portugal.
Mastercad is less accepted here.


I’m a UK user, I asked in the chat if I can get a Maestro card, answer was no. I asked if that is sure, because I saw people here using them, the reply was:

“We had Maesto cards available in Germany, but we do not have them available anymore.”



I got the same answer, and they were not able to tell me why it is not available anymore. Would anyone from Revolut team give us more details about this? Is there any plan to support maestro in the future?


I live in Germany and I can still see them.


Revolut should give as many options as possible and then we choose which card type to buy.

there is no silver bullet, when you go to Germany you might choose to get a Maestro but then for East Asia you want a Visa, etc.


That’s not true. Everywhere that accepts Mastercard also accepts Maestro and Visa in Portugal

Don’t forget Portuguese cards are all dual network Multibanco/Mastercard, Multibanco/Visa or Multibanco/Maestro. When using them in Portugal you are most often using Multibanco. The other international brand is only used abroad.

To sum up, no matter if the card is branded Maestro, Visa or MC, when in Portugal you’re using MB, so acceptance will be exactly the same

The issue with revolut in Portugal is that it doesn’t have Multibanco, so the card being Maestro or something else won’t make a difference


I think I found a workaround, I’ll try now.

As I saw, if you set up your Google address to NL when you add in google pay a mastercard it will make it maestro :smiley:
I’ll try and let you know!


I have only black premium Mastercard which seems to stay as MC…

Who has a classic MC and Android phone:
Go to https://payments.google.com and create a new payment profile with address in NL
Install Google Pay on your phone, from settings set up the default payment profile the NL one.
Add the MC card. According to a post here it should work
Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?

This is very helpful for people living in MV/ Visa areas only and traveling in BeNeLux or Germany which keep on a stoneage card system :man_facepalming:

Can anyone confirm my method, pretty please :smiley: I’m traveling to BeNeLux soon and I don’t like cash and they don’t like 21th century cards :smiley:


Hello all,

I tried the Revolut-card in the Netherlands (Holland) but most of the shops do not want to accept the card.
The only one they normally accept is the Meastro Card.
N26, the German bank has also admitted a Meastro card for the Dutch members/clients.
I think you can expand your market here , the moment you are also delivering the Maestro card.

Hans Minekus


As a Revolut member from the Netherlands, I can choose Maestro as well as Visa from the “Order a spare card” menu. You just need to swipe to the left from Visa to Maestro. :wink: