Option to temporarily disable an account

My main account is GBP, but I also have a EUR account which I build up during the year when the exchange rate is better and use when on holiday.

I also travel on business to Europe frequently and would like to use my card but be able to set that when on business any charges in Euro are made to my GBP balance and not my Euro balance. This is to save my Euros for when I want to use them, and also due to the fact my company reimburses me based on the Eur/GBP exchange rate and so I want the charge to be applied to my GBP balance.

Would be nice if there was a feature to disable/enable charges to an account, so if I disable Euro it defaults to my main GBP until I re-enable it.

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It’s already available:

  • click the small icon in the top left corner, next to the currency list (on the blue background)
  • swipe the chosen currency left (but not the main currency)
  • choose “Deactivate”

You can activate/deactivate again chosen currency any time, also when there are funds in.


Thanks, I can see the option. Have you actually used it? I assume you don’t lose any funds you have already exchanged and hold in that currency?

I’m asking as just before I raised this request I asked their support through the app and they said that only they can deactivate and there is no option to temporarily turn on/off an account.

Looks like their support staff need some more training…

I think they were confused between disabling a currency account (Which you can, per currency, on an ad hoc basis.) and deactivating an account (as in closing an account, Facebook-style.).

Great, thanks guys. I’ll give it a go.

I agree they were confused, although I think I must have explained at least 3 times to them that all I wanted to do was suspend the currency balance and not close an account…

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Swipe left to deactivate.



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Very sorry to hear that @casks! Can you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so I can review your chat history :frowning:

This is very bad UI design. I wouldn’t have figured out by myself that the currency could be swiped left.

Does anyone know how you can reactivate a currency in the new app design ? I cannot find the top left button anymore and can’t figure it out how to reactivate some of the old currencies to check some transactions.
Thank you

Account details

Swipe left, then ‘Activate’