Option to report fraudulent transactions/merchants


I just get a transacting on my transaction list that I don’t do.

There 3 options:

App bug: I rule this out.

Card cloning: transaction is 4.80 in a pizza place where I often go for dinner near office. So I rule this out because too low and in a place where I normally go.

Evil pos option: This has 2 option also: the vendor installed a malicious chip inside the pos, or a malware take full access to the pos.

My suggestion is to set an option to report fraudsters or anyway shops where they conduct illicit - for low security effort or criminal purpose - transactions.



It would be helpful to see from witch card this transactions comes from and to report it as fraudulent within the transaction information.



problem solved, seems the merchant update the magical visa registry some days after i buy - this is legit and possible i discover - and i dont notice it doesnt ring or process transaction when i pay so no ring bell give me any hint on this… also that was only time this happens… :confused:

the important is that this is solved and that poor guy wasnt a thief