Option to manually change App language


I was not the originator but will give an example;

A user from country x lives in country y and wants the phone to be in the local language but still wants revolut in his native tongue.

I don’t want to come trough as harsh, i just think flexibility is a good thing!

The best thing revolut could do is probably have a textfile the community users could translate - in a very short time this app could be multilingual.

This summer i tried to help a work mate install revolut on his iphone but he could not register - turned out his phone operating language was set to greek…


Hi Andreas,

This is definitely a low-priority thing, but it is indeed justified. Ample of real reasons to be able to switch the language- especially when you used the English version for the last year or so :slight_smile:

If you make the language dependent on the system language, then it should be fairly easy to change the dependency to in-app variable? I may be wrong, of course.

Being able to generate a statement / transaction proof in English gives me that extra peace of mind when travelling; never know who and when you’ll need to convince you actually paid for something. That’s a lot harder when showing Polish language to someone :slight_smile:



Thank you @Swede & @revofan for your feedback.

I will share this with team for internal discussion.


Hey, sorry I couldn’t reply earlier, I agree with my colleagues above :slight_smile:

  • my phone is in French because I’m in France but I like having my apps in English.
    English is your support language, it’s simpler for me to point the part in the app that causes me trouble if the app is already in English.

English is international, if I need to emit a statement, little to no bank will annoy me if it’s in English, even my French bank. The other way around isn’t true at all. :slight_smile:


I would love to change my app to English !

I find the French translation and moreover integration horrible.
On my iphone se, most sentences are too long to be seen completely
See below screenshot, how in the world as a user are you supposed to know what’s going on here oO…
I found myself mistakenly buying a virtual card because of the bad app translation integration…luckily got refunded by support though…


Just to add to this.

My wife is half Dutch and half Spanish, lives in Ireland.

She has her phone set to Spanish language as she is learning Spanish but since the update the Revolut app is in French and she cannot change it. That is crazy.

Apps should always have a language option.

People have numerous reasons to have phones in multiple languages such as background, work phones, learning languages etc.



It will be a little more complex to handle many language files/resources but if you want more customers, offering the app in their language is a good advantage.

Look at this as an invetment in the future that will cost you about nothing.

I’d be glad to translate the interface into Bulgarian :slight_smile: (not supported at present)


I doubt it would be complicated or need several files, look at how many software on the pc are made with a single file the users can edit and send in to make a program translated to different languages.

I’m guessing this would be rather easy within an app aswell, but i’m in no way a programmer so Ios/android development software might poke sticks in the wheels?



My phone is in Italian and the app is in French but I don’t speak french. How can I change language?



Revolut recognises phone’s language and uses the same.


Though in this case it seems to display French even though the phone is set to Italian. Italian is currently not supported as language but the fallback seems to be English, so I am surprised by French.

Maybe, after all the French postings, the application is now scared and immediately switches to French if it couldnt find a 100% match :crazy_face:


Hi @Igirap. On your device, go to Settings. Tap General. Select Language & Region. Here you can change the preferred language order.

Let me know if this helps.


It sometimes works like this in case of default or system setting. Can be that case?


I have the same issue! My phone is set in Italian, I used to have the app in English! Then I moved to France and had to download the app on a new phone (still set in Italian) but the app is in French now, and I don’t speak French :sweat_smile:
It would be nice to have the chance to chose the language;)


Can it be your case?
Have checked this? (I mean- system language)


My phone language is lithuanian, but revolut is still on english. Any ideas, how to fix that?


Hi, my girlfrend phone is set to Italian with Italy as region, but still the app default to French, is Revolut using the phone number to set the app language?


Revolut uses phone’s language. Sometimes it goes wrong. I these situation please pick phone’s language manually (please change it from “automatic” to your language)


I would like to do the opposite. Keep the language of the phone to my region language and change the app language to English.

Some of the reasons for my decision are:

  1. I have almost all my apps this way and find it easier to work this way.
  2. When I have a problem and want to follow some steps from the internet in order to solve it, it is easier to have the english language in the app than trying to figure out how these steps are translating in my language.
  3. If I have a problem and want to ask someone, and since the support (official support or forums, etc) is not in my language it is easier to be able to change into the english language in my app, in order to have a common language with the support than trying to figure out how something is translated in the english version of the app.


Great idea
I would to see its being translated into more language