Option to enable/disable NFC...


NFC not secure


You can turn off NFC in your phone settings.


NFC in my phone is not a problem


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Totally agree that this should be added to Revolut’s Security features. :smiley:
In fact, lot of people don’t want a NFC enabled card…



Contactless payment cards ‘put millions at risk of fraud’


These headlines are stupid. The bank is liable for contactless payments - not you.


Did you read the articles ?
Are you working in a bank ?
If not the case please go back to your homework…

  1. NFC is not a secure technology

  2. I don’t want anyone to abuse my card

  3. It’s definitely possible to enable or disable NFC without damaging anything.

French bank Boursorama offers this service:



@simon.simon It’s definitely possible to disable/enable NFC without damaging anything. It can be done directly either via the app or Web portal of your bank. A lot of French banks provide their clients with that possibility (BforBank, Fortuneo, Boursorama…).


I asked my, UK, bank and they said they were not allowed to disable it but could issue a card without NFC.


If it’s the case for Revolut they should then offer a choice between a ‘with or without NFC’ card


Being able to disable the NFC functionality should be possible in the same way as with the other functions. However depending on the company that is actually creating and handing out the cards (Revolut is currently not the issuer) this might not be wanted or even supported. But if Revolut becomes an issuer this should be implemented.
Keep in mind that the NFC functions still need an connection between the terminal and the bank/issuer. so the issuer will have the final saying if this NFC can be used or not, even if it isn’t physically deactivated on the card.


Latest app version - contactless can now be disabled :hushed: Seems like my bank were lying when they said they were not allowed to disable it.


Hey @badskittler, maybe your bank wasn’t lying and they are indeed “not allowed” to disable contactless payment functionality due to license agreements with MasterCard/Visa. Who knows?

More interesting: I didnt’t know it’s technically possible to deactivate NFC payments. Has anyone tried it out? How is it implemented? Are contactless payments “just” declined or won’t a terminal recognize the card at all? I assume it is the former.

Does that mean that the money is protected against fraudulent and accidental contactless payments but bad guys can still read the informations the card’s NFC chip sends? Just curious.


Most french banks allow that fonction. To enable or disable the NFC contactless payement, just login to the bank app on your mobile. When using a card with NFC deactivated, the terminal just “refuses” the card. The common error message is “paiement refusé”.


Yes @myrevolut, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.


Revolut 3.5

Disable contactless payments:

Previously, you have been able to enable/disable Magstripe, ATM or E-commerce transactions in the app. Now you can also disable contactless payments when you’re not using them, for that extra peace of mind.

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December 30

If someone abuses your card you only have to contact the support to open a dispute for the transaction to recover the money. These articles are made to generate clicks.

It is technically not possible to disable NFC with an app or something else.
The only way to disable NFC is to damage the NFC antenna.


Yeah, I can now disable NFC in the app … shame my card doesn’t have NFC and will not until the 10/18 renewed card is issued.


You speak and we listen guys. You can now disable/enable contactless payments, Version 3.5 :r: