Option to disable GBP transactions to block dynamic currency conversion


PayPal does this. I tried to donate to an animal charity in Romania. I attempted to donate EUR 25 but PayPal recognised my Revolut card as a UK card and insisted on asking me to authorise a GBP transaction converted using their rubbish exchange rate



This is behaviour on the part of the merchant, and not Revolut nor MasterCard’s problem.


@capital - You’re confusing fault with responsibility. This is not Revolut’s fault, but it is Revolut’s responsibility under the MasterCard rules to charge back a disputed transaction. This is onerous for Revolut as well as being inconvenient for the customer.

I have also seen PayPal convert a transaction amount to GBP when I was paying with the soon-to-be-defunct Supercard and I had declined the option for PayPal to do the conversion. Unauthorised dynamic currency conversion is a disingenuous practice by many merchants, large and small. Revolut is better placed than most UK card issuers to prevent it.


I assume ‘meme’ is someone from Revolut? It’s annoying when they spout about what you should have done to avoid the situation and that’s it’s not their fault blah blah blah. Then when you say that procedures were followed, the replies stop. No apology, no recompense, just silence. Thanks for nothing!!


@BruNo, Revolut staff has a little blue R attached to the profile circle. He is right when he says that the merchant violates Mastercard’s guidelines here. The guidelines for DCC from Mastercard are quite clear, there is no room for interpretation.

I do agree that regulations should be enforced stricter here by Mastercard or government regulators. I don’t agree that Revolut should cover for a merchant’s fraudulent transaction. This would have happened with every Mastercard, not just Resolutes. And DCC is happening before a payment hits their systems. They do not see or have knowledge of any exchange that was done before in a payment provider’s system.


This does seem to be a wider issue - Money Saving Expert in the U.K. ran an article on it today http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2017/07/Asked-to-pay-in-euros-abroad-but-charged-in-pounds-You’re-not-alone-in-being-ripped-off

Blames a potential mixture of staff being unfamiliar with POS coupled with some bad apples who may be doing it for their own gain.


Thanks for that,@simmo. The article gives examples of where merchants’ terminals charged a GBP amount where the customer had definitely chosen to pay in EUR. Given the scale on which this is happening, resolving it retrospectively through a chargeback or dispute is too onerous for all involved. I maintain that the only way to prevent this malpractice is for Revolut to implement a switch in the app to disable GBP transactions.

Ultimately EU legislation is needed to outlaw charging in a currency in which the price of the goods or services is not advertised. For example, a restaurant should not be able to charge in GBP unless its menu shows GBP prices. British airlines would be able to continue charging in EUR for flights starting in the Eurozone, because the price of the flight is advertised in EUR.


I faced with the same issue in India when paying for 6 days in a hotel. When I raised the issue the receptionist said he could not do anything about it. He entered the amount in Rupee and I accepted it but then I see GBP on the receipt beside Rupee. I am extremely nervous since I lost roughly 10% on this payment. When I used my Hungarian card then to pay for the food bill separately this conversion did not happen. If Revolut does not solve this issue soon I will send back the card to them. I never lost 10% ever in my life previously like this.


Using my Hungarian card I always lose about 1.4% per transaction but not 10%!! Never happened with my Hungarian card this. Revolut must fix it not the merchant.


@gerobi - Have you disputed this transaction with Revolut? You should tell Revolut that you did not authorise this charge and ask Revolut to charge back the whole transaction to the merchant. It will then be up to the hotel to prove that you did authorise the GBP amount, which they will be unable to do. When dynamic currency conversion first happened to me at the Hilton in Dublin in 2002, I disputed the GBP transaction with my UK-based EUR-denominated card issuer, who charged it back to the merchant. The Hilton never submitted the correct amount, so I got it for free. You should do the same. Turn DCC into a headache for merchants. If you do nothing, they will continue this scam on other people.


Thank you Sir for your encouragement. I will go to Revolut straight from here with my claim.

I asked the receptionist to use Rupee for the transaction. When I saw GBP on the receipt I wanted to refuse the payment but when he tried to use a different terminal for recharging I had not enough money on Revolut account to pay. 410.64EUR was deducted for this transaction from my Revolut account.
The problem with Revolut customer support is that they have only support in the application and I need to find out how to attach pdf for example into their chat.
I am very frustrated that I cannot get in touch with them in email for example.


375.44 EUR should be the cost but with this scam 410.64EUR was deducted.


I enabled Revolut to get access to my documents now so I can send them pictures…Usually I do not like applications to get access to my files etc…


Yes Paypal does this and I never use Paypal for this reason anymore…as for me they can close that business…


That looks strange. Why there is missing mark on what currency did you selected for transaction and why there is information that you choose not to use MasterCard currency conversion? It’s odd.


It’s true, PayPay recognize card issuing country (in this case UK), but you can manually change no to use currency conversion in PayPal and pay in original currency ( EUR for example). This is how I’ve paid for Ryanair tickets in EUR last week by Revolut on PayPal as Raynair recognized my Revolut card as UK and they converted EUR price to GBP at very bad rate without option to pay in EUR by this card.


I was asked only to provide my pin. nothing else. and I warned the receptionist in advance that he should not play a conversion game with me… but he said he cannot do anything…


Well, looks like receptionist lied. First of all, if card terminal supports DCC merchant must ask do you want to use DCC or not, and after that merchant must manually select on terminal what currency was chosen. It’s not like card terminal is choosing DCC automatically for you… I guess merchant lied to you or provider of card terminal is playing unfair and they do DCC on their side (I’m not sure if that is possible).

On your receipt there is information that you choose to no use DCC but still your card was charge in GBP, but anyway there is no mark on what currency you choose to pay : INR or GBP - they are both blank.


Yes, none of the options were chosen as you can see and they gave you the worst option automatically. I had my food bill separatly. When the receptionist saw I was very angry he brought another terminal from the restaurant to try that for the food bill. I used my normal bank card for that and that was charged fine for the food.


Even tho you had only PLN on your card, the card itself is considered as British card settled in GBP. So if you insert a card to DCC-enabled POS an exchange rate (with a fee) will be displayed to you and you’ll have an opportunity to decline it before authenticating the transaction with PIN. Once you decline DCC rate, you’ll be charged in local currency.
In your case, because you accepted DCC it looked like:
PLN -> GBP with DCC fee (usually 3% in Poland) and then on Revolut’s side, since you didn’t have GBP: GBP -> PLN.