Option to disable GBP transactions to block dynamic currency conversion


This is the total opposite of my experiences in Poland.
I have been to Warsaw and Krakow and everywhere I was given the choice to decline DCC.
From taxis to shops and restaurants, even ATMs (avoided Euronet). Only in some smaller shops the merchants were confused about the DCC prompt but that could be resolved quickly.


With contactless? Contactless seems to be the issue here.


Just say you spoke to them but didn’t speak the language well enough to resolve it with them, or that they weren’t knowledgeable about how to refund it.

Just say that it was consented to after they took the card machine? Revolut is clever enough to know that this kind of thing happens.

Don’t Gibraltar use some weird currency that is pegged at GBP level?


Gibraltar uses GBP, the same as the UK. But their banknotes are different (as in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man). Gibraltar’s banknotes are represented in the wholesale banknote trading markets as GIP, but Gibraltar’s currency is GBP. GBP and GIP are not pegged, but the same currency, just different physical representations of it. Some ATMs in Gibraltar offer a choice of GBP and GIP, and some banks in the UK accept deposits of GIP, particularly if they have a branch in Gibraltar.


DCC is offered much more often if case of chip and PIN transaction than in case of contactless


Yes, even with contactless + PIN


So basically this means, never return the pin pad before the transaction is completed and it starts printing the slip. This is the only possibility to avoid the merchant interfering with the transaction and answering the DCC prompts.


You get a push notification when you pay something. You should see it right away if something strange happens.


I learned my lesson! Just after this incident, I enabled push notifications.


Until Revolut finally implement an option to block GBP, would it not be possible to get around the problem of these unscrupulous waiters if having entered your PIN, you keep hold of the terminal after the message appears instructing you to return it, press the green button again if necessary, and then you can make sure that you select EUR for any DCC option that appears before handing the terminal back?


Not always. In some cases, as reported above in Poland, the amount is converted to GBP without any option having been selected to do so during the transaction process, either by the card holder or by the merchant.