Option to disable GBP transactions to block dynamic currency conversion


If this happens, you should kick up a big stink. If it’s a restaurant, then don’t be quiet about it. Complain to the waiter that the restaurant is scamming you by charging your card with more than you authorised. The only way to deal with this malpractice is to be vociferous about it, and turn it into a big problem for the restaurant. Insist that they reverse the transaction and charge you correctly, and if they take their time, insist on a free drink while you wait.

And if you’re not from the UK, then also make the point that GBP is nothing to do with you and that your card is denominated in another currency. Ask them why they charged your card in a currency with which you have no connection. Make them feel embarrassed about it.


Hi guys! Let us clarify that this is a new Mastercard mandate for all acquirers. Visa will adopt the same approach for ATMs. :slight_smile:

Understanding the changes and commision

Thanks @AndreasK. This is very good news. What is the solution for preventing DCC at points of sale with Visa cards?


Could you elaborate a little please @andreask. For instance could we get a link to the mastercard mandate? (assuming it’s public) So this will be live for any acquirer to be able to process mastercard? And for anyone who processes visa or mastercard ATM wise?

And will this only extend to cards who’s companies opt into it?


@AndreasK as you’re around today I wonder if you could respond to my above post?


I agree, this is very good news! :slight_smile: Something that we all wanted.

Once I have more info, I will get back to you.


It’s interesting that Caxton gives a date of 12th April 2019 for ending DCC. The following article gives the following day, 13th April 2019, as the date from which cash machines in the United States will be allowed to start using DCC for Visa cards:


I made some mockups of how restricting currencies might work

(Sorry, I meant to reupload images, not delete the entire post)


Excellent mockups, @fluffydog. My only criticism is that, by showing balances next to enabled/disabled currencies, it might mislead users that the function is to enable or disable a currency balance from being used (which actually might be a useful separate function). The functionality should make it clear that it is transaction currency, and not funding currency, that is being enabled or disabled.


Yeah, good point. That’s an important ambiguity to avoid.


Or on the other hand, it might be even better to have two switches for each currency - one for funding currency and the other for transaction currency. Obviously only 25 currencies would have the first switch. Having both functions on the same screen reduces any ambiguity. There are many scenarios where one might wish to protect a particular balance currency from spending.


@AndreasK I don’t suppose you saw my other post in this topic? Would you be able to clarify this MasterCard mandate and how exactly it’s going to be forced onto people accepting MasterCard payments like RyanAir.

I’ve reached out to MasterCard on Twitter and they said they’d get back to me, poked them today and they’ve not responded yet. They said I should be asking you in the meantime while they hunt it from their side :wink:

Is there any public reference you’d be able to point us to, or perhaps you could ask the relevant team and explain it in detail here?