Option to choose the default currency


When using Revolut card abroad it will choose the main currency based on your address. E.g. If you live in France then EUR is the default/main currency. So when travelling abroad and paying with Revolut it will try to debit from the EUR account and apply the exchange rate; although if the EUR account does not have enough money it will try to charge from the currency account that has the most money.

This behaviour is more or less ok. But it would be very useful for the user to be able to override this behaviour and select his main currency - even if it was for a while.

An example would be the case when the user is travelling abroad and paying in another non-supported currency (e.g. THB -Thai Baht) and wants the amount to be debited from another currency account (say CHF or GBP).


I know that it is workaround only, but you can transfer money other than this you want to use to Vault and stay only in this wallet which you want use to spend money…


In fact I found out that there is such a feature. Just go to Profile > Account Details > (swipe left in the account you want to desactivate).


Yes. But one’s base currency can not be deactivated. So parking money in a vault would be a workaround.


Yes, you’re right! So my feature request still holds true.


Here’s a lengthy discussion about this. It’s a difference if you want to preselected a wallet or if DCC should be prevented. The latter only works by declining authorizations in currencies other than the local one, that’s independent from the allocation to a specific currency.


Agree there could be a way to enhance control of which currency is used to pay (although the Spain example is more the retailer charging in different currency).

My situation: I had recently converted enough USD to pay for my hotel costs, only to discover that a payment I had made for something in GBP at the airport had reconverted the USD back, rather than use my usual auto top up (in GBP). Luckily I had identified this in time, as when paying for the hotel the app would have seen there was not enough USD and then converted the full amount from my GBP account.

enabling function to lock currency from being converted. E.g. my USD wallet could only be used for USD spend. If a EUR payment came through, it would default to my default funding currency (GBP). It sounds like the vault will be a work around, but it adds a need to move money in and out before transacting.