Option to change merchant name on transaction


Hey. I would really appreciate it Revolut could introduce an option where the user can rename the merchant if it is incorrect or inconvenient. For example, Lyft always gets postt their transaction as “LYFT WED 8PM” rather than just “Lyft”.



I think we can all agree on this. Another example is when certain banks send a name in a different order to other banks, so for example assuming my name is “John Smith” one bank may send it as “Smith John”. This has caused me to have to top up by debit card regardless of if it’d save money by bank transfer.

It would honestly be nice if Revolut would add a way to perhaps create like, an “entity” and then to be able to give it a name. Then we could link merchants that should appear as this, to the entity.



For Lyft, the issue seems to be fixed. All new Lyft transactions now shows as ‘’Lyft HQ’’ rather than their previous name. However, I wish it was an easier way to suggest a name change. For instance, Monzo allows their users to suggest a name, location or image change simply by clicking on the transaction.

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Would love tho get this feature as well. Some merchants are categorized as one even though they are not exactly same.



I can confirm that this is coming.

It’s been confirmed to me by a Revolut worker, no ETA though :frowning:

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With them working on the transaction engine, it seems likely. A few weeks back they added global budgeting and analytics, today they added the option to exclude transactions from the analytics. They have always said more features will come, but it is a question of when.



Forhåpentligvis snart :joy: