Option to change default display currency

I am not sure if this is already an option but I am unable to find it anywhere, so…

I would love to see an option to change the default display currency which is the small greyed out text under the main display currency.

I am a Croatian and I am used to my local currency but it is currently set for me in euros.

As far as I know that can’t be changed.

Have you registered using a foreign residency card (from an EURO state)? It’s weird, because if you registered using the address in Kroatia should show Kuna.

Or did you registered long time ago when Kuna was not available in Revolut?

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They really need to work on letting us pick our own default currency.

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…and default app language.

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I registered using a Croatian ID and address back in 2018 when there was no HRK account.

Ask the support if they can do something. I guess base currency was euro at that time so that’s why

You can order them. I got used to it. I don’t mind if they show me totals in RON (I’m just sometimes surprised how down it went RON compared with other currencies)

You can order what?

I prefer them not to show me totals tbh, I know all the conversions off by heart :sweat_smile: near enough that I know if something is a good price. I also know how much I paid for something, so that’s how much its worth to me :roll_eyes:

You can order the currencies in the app.

Before the base currency was the first. Now it can be the last if you wish

I wish they’d remove the concept of an automatically selected base currency entirely and let you pick and choose as you wish. On top of that with mastercard banning DCC for Revolut now, they should really do this quickly.

It just makes no sense in the EU. Why do they need this when I can leave to 28+ countries tomrorow to live in full-time.

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On top of that with mastercard banning DCC for Revolut now

Wait what? Since when? That’s bullsh!t.
I do understand that MC is losing money when Revolut does it but still…

I misunderstood, this is supposed to be a good thing…

MC does not get a penny from DCC either as the exchange is done by the bank of the vendor


Anyone know if there is any progress or intention of letting us select our own currency from which we would like payments to be deducted if you do not have that specific currency on your Revolut account?

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