Option to block DCC

Please, add the option to block DCC!

Czech bank mBank announcement of such a useful feature.


That idea already has been posted here:


I noticed! Thanks again! Can I remove my idea?

Is it not possible to add this as an option within the security section?

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Up to now I find one - uncomfortable - solution. We can set the monthly limit of the card so that it can serve the transaction without DCC but cannot with DCC. This method could be far better if we could set up a limit only for the next transaction and in an optional currency. (On the other side, this will not solve the original problem because you can not pay.)

Just came back from Holland and noticed the airport pos took my duty free purchases, showed me the euro price on the till, converted the rate to a crappy gbp, and charged me for the pleasure. Seeing all these posts for DCC shows the game is rigged and no one is in a hurry to fix it.

Can revolut not send a message to the phone to ask if we are happy for a DCC local conversion. Yes this may result in a delay, but had my duty free goods summed upto 400 500 euros, whatever edeal I would be getting would
be severely squashed in this DCC robbery

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I just want a setting to block it
And tell the seller
Only local currency


One time I was hit with whooping unwanted 15% double dcc charge in Asian country… you always need to be careful. I was not that time.

The idea of setting spending limit in your app before you set out is like attaching a string to your wallet in your pocket. Once forgot I did and walked away thinking it was revolut problem

But the poor person who is serving you has no idea of DCC, currency conversion, backdoor profiteering… They just take the payment, collect a low wage and go home.

Can revolut not have some switch that let’s the pos think the card is local to that area… Something we can set in advance so we don’t get involved in complicated conversations in languages we are rubbish at



Would be great to have DCC block feature!