Option for Vault: Automatically hide auto-vault-top-ups in overview


Would be nice to have an option for auto-vault-top-ups to not appear in the overview of all payments. It is already manually possible, but i don’t want to do it every time i pay something.


Would be even nicer if the money in the vault accrued interest !


They will reduce the transparency of how your money moves around. This feels like a big “no no”. When money just disappears and there isn’t clear information to why.

I get that it might be annoying if you have many auto topups for vaults. But as a workaround you can manually hide each transaction.


I agree, but I think it would be a good idea to solve this by design. The automatic vault payments could be smaller, less “obstructive” in the timeline, and the notification could be part of the one notification about the original payment.


First, it is already possible manually as stated. Second, if you have to opt-in for hiding it, you would know that your vault has transactions going on. Third, a nice clean summary of all top-ups in the vault would solve the problem entirely.


I don’t see any ties to my idea whatsoever. Please stick to thread topic.


Good idea @revUser1, it would definitely help to tidy up the Accounts view. I mocked up a design of how it might look:

  • The monthly Vault summary is shown at the top and would always be visible. A label also indicates if an accumulator is active.
  • Vault payments are still visible, but they’re shown in orange text below each payment rather than as a separate debit.
  • The balance graph has been removed from this view, I think it’s useful but personally I’d move it to the Analytics section.

What do you think?

Rounding up Spare Change clutters the feed

I agree too. It could be a very good idea not too see the “transfert to vault” under every transaction!


Unfortunately my reply didn’t get published. So I write again: very nice visual example! Would love to see this implemented.


Thanks @revUser1, I’m hoping that someone from :r: will take notice and add it to the list of user feedback.

I understand why some people would want to see money leaving their account with every transaction, but I think the information is still visible enough on the above proposal.


I absolutely want this to happen. I like Vaults but handling (both in Transaction list and notifications) is just too messy and complicated


I fully agree. That would be a nice time-line improvement!


I came here for posting just this! It’s a bit disturbing getting a notification for each transaction we make because there was money added to my Vault… I wish Revolut add something to hide all Vault notifications


I would like to disable the weekly summary notifications and the added to vault notifications (since it doesn’t say either how much percent the vault has been filled up nor how much is in the vault).


I like the idea and how it was solved in your screen. :+1:


Nice idea

But i prefer to see it on every payment
Make it an option


it is there. the orange number below the transaction amount.