Optimising the Revolut Community

:wave: Hello community :wave:

Just a daily post to make sure we are all doing the best to help one and other.

This daily announcement comes your way as we are doing our best to improve the community and make sure that you are all kept well informed :fireworks:

Some of you may have noticed that we have started :broom: cleaning up the community and we will continue to do so. Do not be discouraged by this, as this is all done to benefit you, the user of the community. We will be removing outdated and duplicated topics, along with the removal of any off topic and harmful content.

We encourage you to make use of the flagging function if you feel that the comment made in the thread is off topic, this will also help us understand your needs as a community. This can be done on any post, by selecting the :black_flag: option.

The community is an important space to make sure that those who use it, benefit from doing so. It is advised that prior to raising a new topic, you have a search to see if this topic does not already exist. This will allow for all the community users to easily find what they are looking for.

You may ask what is coming your way :thinking:

There are plenty ideas that are brewing and we hope to steadily launch them. A short Sneak peak of what we are aiming at:

  • Polls for more of our products to get your honest feedback so that more of your voice is heard when we work on changes. :bar_chart:
  • Design of the community, Maybe even a darkmode for the fans :dark_sunglasses:
  • Tutorials and guides on app functions and how to use them :man_student:
  • Regular updates and links to essential reading pieces :bell:

Not satisfied :thinking: We’ll change that :ok_hand:

:fireworks: This is just the start of what we hope to be a very fruitful journey. Stay tuned :fireworks:


Woo! Now if only there was a faster way for new users to create topics. I’ve been a community member for 2 weeks now and can still only post replies, no topics.


My expectations of the very first topic created by you are getting higher and higher. Please don’t disappoint me! :wink:

I agree with you to a certain extent, but it should not be made too easy to be able to create a new topic. We don’t want every user to be able, after visiting the community for a couple of minutes, reading some posts and opening a couple of topics, to create his/her own topic. Because that would mean several new topics a day on subjects that already have their own topic and/or that should not be posted in this community anyway because one should contact Revolut support to get support instead of posting in a user community.


Where are the FAQs? I need help and I cannot start a topic.


Same! It’s fine to wait for some days before creating a topic but it feels so long…

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Authenticity and sincerity. That’s what the community needs. Without them it’s just pointless. Revolut planning to invest in those?


This is a user community, so are you going to invest in those? :wink:

Hello community,

Revolut, can you please add more stocks to our trading app? There are still lots of big and reliable companies missing for us…

Would be great to also share a planning with us…



The barrier to entry on being able to start a thread is too high…

I’d much prefer to communicate on here vs. reddit


seems no-one answered your question so here is the definitive link:

I did answer his question on the same day it was asked.

Trust level for users

The most frequently asked question from new users is why you’re not able to perform certain actions. It’s important to note that this is due to the trust level system we follow on our community.

Please be mindful of your trust level, following the logic on this link: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

Thank you. Unfortunately, so far no-one has been able to explain why I received this message

…but still can’t start a topic.

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In the Revolut community you need to have trust level member or higher to be able to start a new topic. Your trust level is basic user. The next level is member.

The reason why you received the message is that in most discourse communities basic users are able to start a new topic, but Revolut forgot to change this standard message.

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Thanks PoelieV. One day, perhaps I will reach the dizzying heights of trust that will allow me to contribute properly.

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You usually come here when in app support takes too long and you need an opinion. Having frustrated people have to wait a few days before posting might not be the best strategy.

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