Opt out of chat question robot questions


Please let me opt out of the incessant, irritating question in the online chat:


And when I say ‘no’ I get:


And when I say yes I get the same question coming back to me even if there has been no more messages with support.

It is so very annoying to have to keep ticking boxes for no reason. And also this question creates a notification that makes me think I have a real message. Please let me opt out of this useless functionality. It does nothing to create a better experience and just wastes my time. Or give me a really good argument for why it should stay and why I shouldn’t be able to opt out of it. Thanks.


Hi @dahacouk thanks for the feedback.

We include this in an effort to improve quality of our support, so removing it has the downside that it gives us fewer data points to help improve our service.

But your feedback about it being irritating is taken onboard and I’ll raise internally to see how we can solve this in the future.



The best way for you to improve the quality of your support is not to keep pestering clients for 1 out of 5 stars feedback. This kind of data point will give you no semantics/meaning – even though it may be good for shareholder presentations – am I cynical?

Best things to do is have good internal training; good managers; and proper ways to raise trackable tickets with formal escalation procedures. That’s why I’m posting all my non-private issues here in this forum – because they are more trackable and, to be honest, I get better responses here. :wink: